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Magellan - Cello 40th

Hi-Fi Floorstanding Speaker

Sale price11.000 € the pair
High-Fidelity Passive Speaker
Rooms from 15 to 50m²
Magnesium Horn Tweeter
16cm (6,5") Paper Midrange
2x 16cm (6,5") Fiber-Glass Woofer
Power Handling 200 W
Recommended Amp Power: 60 - 500 Watts (8ohms)
Double Terminal Block

Premium Floorstanding Speaker - Magellan Cello 40th

All the magic of music unfolds in this compact 110cm high 3-way floorstander. The real achievement lies in the transfer of the performance of the MAGELLAN Grand Concert into a modestly sized speaker.

The TZ2900 horn tweeter features a next generation dome in magnesium alloy that enhances the finest details of your recordings. This transducer brings out all the details of the upper harmonics.

Specialized in the midrange frequency range, Triangle perpetuates its tradition with a 16cm driver with a paper diaphragm and small pleat suspensions, reproducing the vocal register with great neutrality and without the slightest coloration.

The sandwich technology developed by the aerospace industry ensures that the two bass drivers are extremely lightweight and at the same time also exceptionally rigid.

The Cello achieves a unique kind of intensity. The listening experience is pure unlimited pleasure regardless of the type of music, delivered with magnificent scale and it is never fatiguing. It has a wide array of musical skills. It is as perfectly at ease at high volume as it is for intimate listening and is suitable for rooms measuring 25 to 50 m2.


LHS2 Cooling system

The high rigidity die-cast aluminum basket has a heat sink ring in contact with the back of the yoke – the heat conduction ring. This ring collects heat dissipated from the core and the yoke and brings it towards the outer cover.

The power handling capacity for each speaker can thus exceed 200 W RMS. This system prevents the risk of overheating and ensures better speaker performance.

As an example, a 20° change is measurable over 120 minutes, with a pink noise registered at 100 watts and filtered with high pass at 80Hz.

SVA Membrane

The driver features a proprietary SVA diaphragm. This computer-modeled composite diaphragm is characterized by a ‘sandwich’ structure, composed of a double sheet of fiberglass with a cellulose pulp internal structure.

It provides the ideal combination of mass damping and rigidity to the moving coil. The driver thus handles strong impulses without distortion.

Horn-loaded tweeter with a magnesium dome

The TZ2900PM tweeter is equipped with a next generation dome in magnesium alloy providing a significant improvement in terms of consistency. Its horn is shaped to limit directivity, i.e., off-axis drop in high frequency level. Together with the phase plug, this pairing allows the frequency response to be linearized.

We also added a counter-cap to the motor to reduce rear waves reflections, limit distortion and control the upper end of the sound spectrum. The TZ2900PM-MG tweeter provides an exceptionally smooth and fluid musical quality whilst ensuring accurate sound reproduction.


The specifics behind the TRIANGLE sound




CELLO 40th

Acoustic power and energy in operation are the salient features of these speakers. Majestic speakers to combine with electronics with proven musical talent

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CELLO 40th

Triangle produces very high-end speakers, technically ultra-accomplished and endowed with an exciting sound personality. These speakers are state of the art. Their restitution is very energetic, powerful in the bass and of an unusual scale.

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CELLO 40th

Successful speakers in every way that do honor to the Soissons factory. They offer a sound aesthetic that fits perfectly with what Triangle wishes to offer today to its most demanding customers: wide bandwidth, lively temperament and panoramic image.

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