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Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker

Sale price2.499 € the pair
Color:Astral Blue

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Stereo Active Speakers
Stereo Hub
Bluetooth aptX
Amplifier Output Power : 2 x 100 Watts
Magnesium Alloy Horn Tweeter
16cm Natural Cellulose Midwoofer
TV Compatible (ARC + Optical)
Rooms from 15 to 40m²
RF Remote


CAPELLA embodies the ambition of an enthusiastic team to combine the acoustic experience of TRIANGLE with advanced sound signal processing technologies in a refined enclosure.

Made in France, CAPELLA provides a complete, intelligent audio system with unprecedented performance. Entirely configurable to suit your taste and environment, CAPELLA adapts and fits your needs.

Modern and connected

Enjoy a wealth of compatible streaming options and connectivity to stream all your content in high definition.

Modern and connected, the system is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible (Airplay, Chromecast, UPnP/DLNA), as well as Roon Ready for the most demanding audiophiles. The speakers communicate wirelessly with the “Stereo Hub”, a compact, remote box using WiSA technology. All your sources (TV/ARC, USB, Optical, RCA...) are centralized on the Hub.

Streaming, Home Theater, Gaming, and more

Compatible with all your sources

The compact stereo hub is the central point of the Capella system. It concentrates all inputs, whether wireless, integrating Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies, analogue or digital wired connection.

Airplay, Google Chromecast and Roon compatibility make it easy to enjoy all your music services in high definition. Thanks to its many inputs (TV/ARC, optical, USB, etc.), you can also enjoy the content of all your music or video sources.

1 x TV / ARC (CEC) 1 x USB B
1 x RCA Stéréo 3 x Optical SPDIF
1 x Coaxial 1 x 3.5mm Jack

Wireless Speakers and WiSA Technology

Place your speakers any way you prefer.

The CAPELLA system uses WiSA wireless audio transmission technology, so you can place the speakers anywhere in your home.Any audio source, whether from a streaming service or connected to one of the system's inputs, is managed by the WiSA box called “Stereo Hub”, which then streams the signal to your high-resolution speakers with no noticeable latency.

This means you can place the Stereo Hub close to your AV equipment (TV, turntable, computer, etc.) and freely position the speakers around the room.

Active Speakers and Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

A new performance standard

CAPELLA active speakers benefit from a total power output of 2x100W. Each driver has its own converter and a dedicated 50W amplification circuit. A next-generation digital signal processor (DSP) constantly monitors driver behavior to reach the system's full potential, particularly in the low frequencies.

The crossover is digitally controlled, ensuring a perfectly linear frequency response. Bass notes are deeper and better controlled, the soundstage is clearer and more balanced, and vocals are purer and more detailed.

Without Calibration

With Calibration

The CAPELLA system adapts to your room

Automatic Calibration

The room acoustics and the placement of your speakers will have a major impact on your listening experience. Thanks to the automatic calibration technology, you can easily make measurements in your listening room, “TRIANGLE CAPELLA” app then adjusts the sound response of the speakers to adapt to the room.You can enjoy a balanced sound perfectly suited to all types of room, from the most damped to the most resonant.

*Room calibration is available with Apple devices' built-in microphones, while Android phones/tablets require the use of a Zen microphone.

Ultra-precise Acoustic Settings

Zen Microphone & Triangle Capella app

The wireless ZEN microphone available as an option, enables precise measurement during the automatic calibration of your CAPELLA system. It collects the data and transmits them to the app, which then analyzes and corrects them.

For even greater sound customization, the TRIANGLE CAPELLA app offers a wide range of settings to optimize the sound reproduction of your speakers. Control the response curve directly, by increasing or decreasing selected frequency ranges, so your sound matches your expectations as closely as possible.


Astral Blue

Nebula Brown

Black Star

Space White

Outstanding Finish Quality


Capella is simply breathtakingly beautiful. Its high-density cabinetry is the result of luxury craftsmanship, and the curved edges create a soft look. Underneath the lacquer is a sublime burr walnut essence, with wood grains gradually revealing before disappearing in a paint gradation. The finishes exhibit all their nuances and color contrasts, depending on the light and the way you look at them.

Refined accents of Champagne-finish anodized aluminum turn these speakers into true sonic masterpieces.

Dedicated Turntable

New Lunar 3 turntable, designed for the Capella speakers.

To offer a perfectly adapted solution, TRIANGLE has partnered with Pro-Ject, Europe's leading manufacturer to build Lunar 3. The Turntable is designed to bring out all the magic of your 33/45 rpm records, without having to compromise. It features a phono preamplifier enabling direct connection to the “Stereo Hub”.

All materials, from the wooden structure and steel platter to the carbon tonearm and the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, have been carefully selected to ensure accurate playback and to absorb any vibrations that might alter the sound.


System installation and set-up

TRIANGLE has prepared a series of guides and tips to help you install your CAPELLA System easily and get the most out of it.


TRIANGLE’S historical expertise

Acoustic Engineering

The CAPELLA drivers benefit from the acoustic expertise and research carried out on the limited 40th anniversary edition of the Esprit range.

TRIANGLE’s Drivers

The horn-loaded tweeter deploys the new 25mm magnesium alloy dome and a perfectly matched phase plug, it delivers a harmonious dispersion of the high frequencies without any aggressive sounds. The bass/midrange section is handled by a 16cm driver using a cellulose pulp membrane, a distinctive feature of TRIANGLE speakers.

Down Firing vents

The CAPELLA speakers are mounted on an aluminum base to enable unobstructed airflow around the port. This ensures even distribution of low frequencies and allows easy placement of your speakers in your room.

DVAS Technology

CAPELLA include proprietary DVAS technology, which consists of using a perforated reinforcement of the cabinet which is pushed against the driver by means of a damping material, thus stiffening the cabinet. The shape of this reinforcement allows optimized airflow from the port.

Front Panel Diffraction

The rounded shape of the cabinetry combined with the sculpted structure of the rims surrounding each driver attenuate the sound disruptions transmitted to the listener, resulting in a purer sound.


The secrets of the TRIANGLE sound


Accessories and additional information

A system ready for listening

  • 2 x 100W amplified speakers
  • 1 x Aluminium radio remote control & 2 AAA batteries
  • 2 x Protective fabric covers
  • 2 x Power cables for speakers
  • 1 x Power socket for Hub with 3 adapters (US, UK, EU)
  • 1 x Wisa Hub ( Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, TV/ARC, USB...)

Dedicated S05 supports

To go further

For ideal positioning, we recommend the TRIANGLE S05 stands. The base of the CAPELLA speaker fits perfectly onto the top plate.

So your speakers are secure and positioned at an ideal listening height. The S05 is available in several finishes to match your system: Black, White, Blue and Dark Wood.



Speaker use


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