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Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker

Sale price699 € the pair
Color:English Green

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Stereo Active Speakers
Rooms up to 25m²
25mm (1") Silk Dome Tweeter
13cm (5") Midwoofer
Amplifier Output Power : 2 x 50 Watts
Bluetooth aptX HD
Wi-Fi Multiroom
Phono Input (Turntable)
TV Compatible (Optical)
IR Remote

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Speaker - AIO TWIN

The AIO TWIN speakers are packed with technologies and TRIANGLE know-how. Versatile and in a sleek design, they are a state-of-the-art product. With all the features and performances of a modern Hi-Fi system, they offer a rich, precise, and detailed sound.

With Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily stream your music in high-resolution (24 bits / 192 KHz) from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. They also feature a Phono input, compatible with most turntables available on the market.

You will appreciate their minimalist design and wide range of finishes: Graphite Black, Frosted White, Linen Grey, Abyssal Blue and Brown Maple.


Absolute Versatility

A speaker to match your style

High-Res streaming: Stream your music in high-resolution from your smartphone or tablet.

Turntable: Enjoy your 33 & 45 rpm records by connecting your turntable directly using the dedicated phono input.

Multiroom: Create an AIO environment so you can listen to your favorite music throughout your home or stream different music in different rooms.

Audio-Video: Connect your flat screen TV to your AIO TWIN speakers through the dedicated optical/SPDIF input and enjoy stereo sound in Hi-Fi quality for all your audio-visual programs.

The High Fidelity in High Resolution

Enjoy high quality digital music and easy connectivity

Bluetooth aptX : Streaming is made easy thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 aptX receiver, ensuring universal compatibility with all types of sources (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Wi-Fi : Enjoy superior sound quality thanks to the Wi-Fi technology, allowing you to stream your songs in high-resolution (24 bits / 192 kHz) and ensuring optimal quality.

Triangle AIO app

Music and speakers, at your fingertips

Access a wide choice of streaming services from your smartphone or tablet using the free “Triangle AIO” app, available on the App Store or Google Play Store. You can also access the music stored on your devices or your home network.

Set up all the TRIANGLE AIO devices on your network using the Linkplay technology, and easily monitor all the audio equipment from your home.

Control the streaming in each room, adjust the sound level, optimize the sound thanks to the tone controls or pair your speakers with each other directly from the app.

A world of music

The top streaming services

Enjoy your favorite artists, radio shows and playlists, thanks to the wide panel of streaming services available.

Use the Deezer & Spotify platforms, famous for their extensive music catalogue, or Qobuz & Tidal, renowned for their high-resolution libraries. Not forgetting the unlimited access to all the internet radio stations around the world via TuneIn.

Music, Podcasts, or the News, the AIO TWINs become part of your daily life.

Back to basics and vintage ambiance


With AIO TWIN, the tonality, the details, and the unique experience of listening to a vinyl record take another dimension. Thanks to the integrated Phono preamplifier MM, connect your turntable directly to the speakers and listen to your 33 & 45 rpm records, seamlessly.

In partnership with the famous Austrian manufacturer Pro-ject, Triangle has also developed a turntable designed exclusively to complement the AIO TWIN speakers. With an MDF top, an aluminum tonearm and an Ortofon OM-10E cartridge, this turntable offers a complete, demanding and high-quality Hi-Fi system.

An Audio Video Universe

Compose a stunning home theater

Connect your flat screen TV to your AIO TWIN speakers using the dedicated optical-S/PDIF input and enjoy stereo sound in Hi-Fi quality. Use this stereo effect to create a wide soundstage, accurately reproducing every dialogue and sound effect in your audio-visual programs.

For a more immersive experience, the possibility to connect the AIO TWINs to the Tales 340 subwoofer is a great option.

Wood, Textile, Aluminium

Beautiful design & materials

With the AIO Twin speakers, enjoy high-quality sound and premium design. The choice of materials is critical, not only for the acoustic performance, but also for the aesthetics.

Thanks to elegant aluminum feet, fitted with rubber pads, vibrations are minimized. The sound is thus delivered while preserving the surface of your furniture.

French-Scandinavian Synergy

Fabric from GABRIEL©

For several years, TRIANGLE has been partnering with the brand Gabriel to manufacture its grilles. True “fabric architect”, Gabriel offers nice pallets of colorful and textured finishes.

The grille of the AIO TWIN was crafted in the “Bond” textile, a premium fabric with a unique look, in harmony with the different finishes of the woodwork. Its oblong shape makes the AIO TWIN a unique decorative and design item.

How to choose the right TRIANGLE connected speaker?

AIO Twin


  • Stereo Speaker
  • Wireless & Multiroom speaker
  • Bluetooth aptX HD
  • Integrated Phono preamplifier MM (Vinyl records)
  • Optical Input


From 399€

  • Stereo Speaker
  • Bluetooth aptX
  • Integrated Phono preamplifier MM (Vinyl records)
  • Optical Input
  • USB-A : No
  • Sub Out
  • 2 x 45 Watts
  • Streaming Services
    (Deezer, Spotify, TuneIn, Qobuz, Tidal, Napster)
  • Sampling : 16bits/44 kHz



  • All-In-One Speaker
  • Wireless & Multiroom speaker
  • Bluetooth aptX HD




Nous n’avons jamais rencontré un système tout-en-un aussi enthousiaste et talentueux à ce prix. C’est la meilleure recommandation que nous puissions faire à quelqu’un qui recherche un système élégant et soigné qui fait (presque)tout.

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Triangle a, à raison, emprunté une autre direction, celle de la musique plutôt que de la démonstration tapageuse. Le grave ne couvre pas les autres registres et laisse les fréquences supérieures s'épanouir. Jamais agressif ni tranchant, l'aigu s'accorde à un médium détaillé et nuancé.

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Les AIO Twin s’avèrent neutres sans être dépourvues d’une grande finesse et d’une belle dose d’expressivité. Toutes qualités que l’on relève en streaming […] L’étage phono est lui aussi une réussite, donnant la encore à de bons enregistrements une aération que l’on attendait pas forcément.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Christophe Lesueur
AIO TWIN - Enceinte connectee Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Son de bonne qualite. Facile a installer. Bon rapport qualite prix

AIO TWIN - Enceinte connectee Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Tres bon son et bonne connectivite.

AIO TWIN - Enceinte connectee Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Sobre et belle. Installation facile Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. Ecoute adaptee a differentes musiques.

AIO Twin - Enceinte Bibliotheque Sans-Fil, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Son parfait agreable facile d'utilisation avec la telecommande, je redecouvre certains instruments.Superbe qualite

ƒeinh Vƒen V≈©
AIO Twin - Enceinte Bibliotheque Sans-Fil, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Tres bonne finition et une excellente qulite sonore.